God’s Energy power plants will be built on land as well as deployed in the ocean.

The acquisition, leasing, and managing of real estate will be a vital function of our company.

Land, Vertical Farms, Office Hi-Rise Buildings, Apartments, Condominiums, Industrial, Commercial, Luxury, and Resort Properties will be bought, developed, leased, and in some cases sold.

Kurt Grossman, CEO of G-Ship LLC and Genergy, LLC is also a California Real Estate Broker License Number #00954419 (since 1991)

From November 2017 to February 28, 2018 Kurt Grossman has a special announcement for the purchase of real estate with a value of $3,000,000 (Minimum) to $280,000,000 (Maximum)

Link to Special Announcement: http://www.genergyllc.com/real-estate-offer-112017-22018-only