When Kurt Grossman CA BRE License No. #00954419 closes your real estate transaction with a value of $3,000,000 US Dollars or higher the entire Real Estate Commission amount will be given to you as Equity Units in G-Ship LLC.

The G-Ship LLC Units are valued at $1.00 per Unit.

For example we close a property — a Laguna Beach home

(1205 Ocean Front, Laguna Beach 92651) with a value of $13,500,000.

The Real Estate Commission (2.5%) would be $337,500 so you will receive 337,500 Units.

Or for example you want to purchase a commercial office building at 4631 Teller Avenue, Newport Beach, CA 92660…Listed at $5,300,000 with a Real Estate Commission of 2%.

The Real Estate Commission of $106,000 would result in you receiving 106,000 Units in G-Ship LLC

This unique offer ends February 28, 2018.

The Real Estate decision is an important business decision that needs to be considered VERY carefully.

The business decision regarding G-Ship LLC is an entirely separate but important consideration that ALSO needs appropriate due diligence.

The Real Estate Offer and the Incentive of G-Ship LLC Units is intended to be an incentive and help minimize the risk of a large investment with diversification.

In addition to consulting with Kurt Grossman personally it is advised that you seek legal counsel.

Only High Net Worth Individuals or Experience Companies are invited to this offer (based on the minimum property value of $3,000,000).

We will allow transactions up to $280,000,000.