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Cold Energy Heat Engine

Heat energy and Chemical energy are the energies that have powered the Industrial Revolution more than other forms of energy. As a consequence of the emphasis on fossil fuels and combustion the world deals with pollution and many people fear the damage may be irreversible. Thermo — having to do with heat — Dynamics —

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Do All Renewable Energy Technologies Cost The Same?

How do you compare renewable energy technologies financially? One of the most important factors contributing to the very slow growth of Renewable Energy globally has been the cost.  Another important issue limiting Renewable Energy growth and adoption by utilities around the world is that Renewable Energy only works some of the time and it is

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Electricity = Food

When have you thought about how much energy goes into your meal?   Do you know how much a “calorie” is? Do you understand how much of what you pay for food goes to pay for transporting it to your local grocer or how it affects the environment?  Do you know what percentage of nutrition; the

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Houston Genergy, LLC, Barra Blue Associates, & Maverick Development

Genergy, LLC has teamed with BBA (aka Barra Blue Associates) to build a 12-Floor High Rise Vertical Fish Farm. BBA has won many awards internationally and in their home country Australia.  The “EPA Water wise Achievement 2004″ is particularly important as we seek to limit the amount of water in and out of the facility. 

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Electric Cars & Electricity

Have you noticed the rise of Hybrid and Electric automobiles? Have you asked yourself; “Where do they get the electricity?”  An electric car runs on batteries charged with electricity. A hybrid car runs on gasoline and batteries charged with electricity.  A hybrid has the advantage of being able to use the gasoline powered engine to

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Kurt Grossman Radio Interview On Environmental Directions Radio With Nancy Pearlman

Nancy Pearlman has been a Leader and Champion of Ecology and The Environment for decades.  Ms. Pearlman has hosted a radio show called, “Environmental Directions Radio Series“ that is a nationally syndicated program environmental enthusiasts over 20-years. Kurt Grossman was interviewed by Nancy Pearlman to present the case for “Underwater Hydroelectric Power Generation” to people

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"The SPG (Submerged Power Generator) is definitely an innovative hydroelectric device worthy of their approval and should be used by all the utility companies, not just in California but in the entire United States.”