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Houston Genergy, LLC, Barra Blue Associates, & Maverick Development

Genergy, LLC has teamed with BBA (aka Barra Blue Associates) to build a 12-Floor High Rise Vertical Fish Farm. BBA has won many awards internationally and in their home country Australia.  The “EPA Water wise Achievement 2004″ is particularly important as we seek to limit the amount of water in and out of the facility. 

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Electric Cars & Electricity

Have you noticed the rise of Hybrid and Electric automobiles? Have you asked yourself; “Where do they get the electricity?”  An electric car runs on batteries charged with electricity. A hybrid car runs on gasoline and batteries charged with electricity.  A hybrid has the advantage of being able to use the gasoline powered engine to

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Kurt Grossman Radio Interview On Environmental Directions Radio With Nancy Pearlman

Nancy Pearlman has been a Leader and Champion of Ecology and The Environment for decades.  Ms. Pearlman has hosted a radio show called, “Environmental Directions Radio Series“ that is a nationally syndicated program environmental enthusiasts over 20-years. Kurt Grossman was interviewed by Nancy Pearlman to present the case for “Underwater Hydroelectric Power Generation” to people

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Genergy, LLC Technology Protects Oceans Generating Electricity Underwater

Genergy, LLC uses the acronym “AIRPAC”.  The “C” in AIRPAC stands for “Clean”. A nonprofit organization named “The Surfrider Foundation” has a passion for Clean Oceans. Several years ago Dr. Chad Nelsen interviewed Kurt Grossman to find out why Mr. Grossman had a passion to see Genergy, LLC technology installed in oceans to generate electricity.

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Genergy, LLC Mathematica Model & 3D Simulation

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Genergy, LLC technology developed technology that relies on Classical Physics. Sir Isaac Newton wrote the Laws of Conservation of Energy over 400-years ago and these Laws provide Genergy, LLC with a way of calculating how much Potential Energy actually might become Kinetic Energy that we can use beneficially. The Wolfram “Mathematica” software program is able

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1st In The World – California Energy Commission Grants “Pre-Certification”

Genergy, LLC applied for “Pre-Certification” under the California Energy Commission (“CEC”), Renewable Program Standards (“RPS”).  The “Small Hydropower” classification is for hydroelectric dams that are 30 Megawatts or less power.  At first, the CEC was startled by the idea that a “dam” could be located offshore and confused how Genergy, LLC made electricity with “hydropower”.

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"The SPG (Submerged Power Generator) is definitely an innovative hydroelectric device worthy of their approval and should be used by all the utility companies, not just in California but in the entire United States.”