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Aquaculture Jobs – Fish & Plants for the 21st Century

Aquaculture is defined online as; “the rearing of aquatic animals or the cultivation of aquatic plants for food.” Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (“RAS”) facilities are the newest most advanced facilities designed to be built on land.    Universities like Texas A&M and Virginia Tech University  are 2 of many institutions in America that have been doing research on

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Vertical Indoor Farming VIF – An Economic Engine

Vertical Indoor Farming “VIF” – An Economic Engine               Vertical Indoor Farming is 21st Century High-Tech Farming that uses indoor facilities and special lighting to grow healthier plants much faster because the weather is not able to control the growing time.  (Vertical Farming or World Agriculture ) Land and water are saved by building UP instead of

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Merry Christmas! Eat Well. Enjoy.

How much of Jesus’ Birthday Celebration revolves around food and drink? Do you have any Christmas food and drink favorites? Roasted Chestnuts, Fruit Cake, Egg Nog, Hot Apple Cider, Gluhwein (Hot spiced sweetened red wine), Streusel (German Variation), and let’s not forget about Turkey, Ham, & Roast Beef. Many of us in the West enjoy

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Too Competitive

Yesterday I played Squash with a friend. We played last week and I was very cautious so as not to injure myself (being over 60 now I try to pace myself). Yesterday I decided to Compete Harder: to hit a little harder; stretch a little farther; and move a little quicker. Today I am nursing

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Can More Electricity Reduce Hunger?

Have you ever considered the amount of food you can grow inside using specialized lights? What if you could farm upward as well as outward? Have you ever heard of Indoor Farming or Vertical Farming? Do you know how efficient it is? Lumigrow Applied Research   Vertical Farming  A New Forest City With all of these

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Energy Conservation Conservation of Energy

  Genergy Technology is carefully engineered to maximize efficiency! God’s Energy Technology is built on Newton’s Laws of Conservation of Energy! The Proof of Concept that was built in Houston, TX performed as expected based on the Mathematical Formulas calculated, modeled, & simulated in conformity to all Fundamental Laws of Physics. Saving energy or Conserving

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"The SPG (Submerged Power Generator) is definitely an innovative hydroelectric device worthy of their approval and should be used by all the utility companies, not just in California but in the entire United States.”