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Defining Genergy

GENERGY: is an abbreviation for GRAVITY ENERGY! more

THE GENERGY CONCEPT: is that gravity is the easiest fundamental force to transform into usable energy.

GENERGY, LLC: is an energy company that owns the right to manufacture and commercialize unique products. We use the acronym AIRPAC to summarize the benefits of Genergy, LLC technology.  The main benefits of Genergy, LLC technology are that they are;  Affordable, Invisible, Reliable, Powerful, Available, & Clean Renewable ‘Alternative’ energy.

THE ELECTRICITY: produced utilizing the unique Genergy, LLC products cost less than other Alternative Energy Sources.

THE PRODUCTS: The product Genergy, LLC will focus on and introduce to the Offshore Industry market place is the “Offshore Power Generator” or “OPG”. It is targeted at the Oil & Gas Offshore Rig & Platform market because there are so many good reasons that rig operators will prefer an OPG. The second product is the “SPG.”  The SPG is targeted at the Utilities industry.

How does the SPG work?

SPG Operation

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Our Company
Making The World A Better Place.


Our company has aligned with experienced recognized leaders in the areas of Intellectual Property Law, Corporate Law, Energy Interconnection Engineering, Marine Engineering, and Environmental Engineering.

In our early stage we have chosen to outsource as much as possible to firms that have proven track records, large staff, both commercial & government contracting experience, and influence.  This strategy has resulted in high-level introductions and critical counsel that has literally saved millions of dollars in the research & development of Genergy, LLC products.

Genergy, LLC is not only in the business of providing the most available, invisible, reliable, powerful, affordable, and clean (AIRPAC) products but we are leading environmental change that will dramatically protect the future of our natural resources.

Surfrider Foundation Interview of Kurt Grossman

Genergy, LLC is in the business of providing practical cost-efficient solutions for the crisis that preserve or improve the natural beauty of our planet and eliminate pollution.

Intellectual Property Law

Corporate Law

Computer Aided Drafting & Simulation

Energy Engineering & Interconnection

Genergy, LLC was founded in 2009 by Mr. Kurt Grossman, the inventor and Chief Executive Officer.

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