God’s Energy Technology creates jobs to stimulate economic development. The construction of new power plants, vertical indoor farming, and aquaculture facilities demand skilled labor. These fast growing  industries are creating thousands of new jobs around the world.

Governments that are able to attract these industries to their regions will stimulate economic development for the 21st century.

Credit: Local Food Initiative 2016 Annual Report King County





Genergy Technology for renewable energy gives the aquaculture and vertical indoor farming businesses a large competitive advantage by lowering the cost of energy. Energy is one of the largest cost factors for vertical indoor farming and aquaculture
and is cited as one of the major reasons investors have been slow to invest in these new industries.


The benefits of renewable energy, aquaculture, and vertical indoor farming to the environment, to the health of communities, and to the creation of jobs is due in part to being able to provide clean, healthy, fresh, and nutritious protein, fruits, and vegetables harvested the same day and made available to customers without thousands of miles of transportation and weeks of delay.



The World Aquaculture Society, FAO Aquaculture, and private research companies like Agrylist as well as scientific articles which can be found at researchgate.net show the dramatic increase in economic activity as well as the technical advances.




Cities , states and regions that include Genergy Technology, aquaculture and vertical indoor farming in their economic development strategy will see increase in their local economy.