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2016 World Premier Demonstration

20160204 Demo Right View 80 feet up seems high when you are looking down but it is very small compared to The Washington Monument, Eifel Tower, or The Burj Khalifa.

Did you know that when you drop something from 80 feet up it will hit the ground in 2.23 seconds?  Imagine dropping a 154 lb. ball filled with water from 80 feet up; Would that make a mess?  Leave a mark?  Cause an accident?

Imagine the 154 lb. balls dropping from 80 feet up every half second; 1, 2, 3, 4,…continuously…Can you see it?

How do we get those 154 lb. balls back up to the top to drop again?

Stay tuned…

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Do All Renewable Energy Technologies Cost The Same?

Genergy Renewable Energy Comparison Chart

How do you compare renewable energy technologies financially?

One of the most important factors contributing to the very slow growth of Renewable Energy globally has been the cost.  Another important issue limiting Renewable Energy growth and adoption by utilities around the world is that Renewable Energy only works some of the time and it is NOT up to the utility when.  Can you imagine having to wait until the sun was shining very bright in order to drive to the grocery store or hospital?

One country that is adopting Renewable Energy very quickly because they need energy is India.

Will you please take a look at this example of India so you can understand the key to getting more Renewable Energy power plants installed quicker?

Genergy Technology is “Base load” Renewable Energy technology.  A hydroelectric dam is a base load technology.  Most of the base load technology we rely on for day in and day out electricity is both base load and Unfortunately coal, gas, or nuclear.

Based on the lowest price ever bid in India a 1,000 MW God’s Energy power plant has a 610% economic advantage over solar and a 309% advantage over wind.

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Electricity = Food

Strawberries Growing Inside

When have you thought about how much energy goes into your meal?   Do you know how much a “calorie” is?

Do you understand how much of what you pay for food goes to pay for transporting it to your local grocer or how it affects the environment?  Do you know what percentage of nutrition; the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein inside of your food drops every day after it is harvested?  Have you ever tasted the difference between “fresh” (something just picked off of a tree) and “store fresh”?

Aquaculture is a $100,000,000,000 a year global business that is growing incredibly!  Aquaculture is efficient because it combines both farming fish and farming produce like herbs, vegetables, and fruit in an energy efficient cycle.  Waste from fish fertilizes plants while plants pre-filter water to take some of the load off of the filtering machines before the water goes back into the fish tanks.  Aquaculture is considered one of the BEST INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES of 2015 by Philippe de Lapérouse, the Director of HighQuest Partners’ Global Food and Agribusiness Practice.

High-rise architecture came around to use less land in areas where there are a large concentration of people.  High-rise aquaculture does the same thing but also brings the farms into big cities to decrease the amount of time to your table; to lower the carbon footprint caused by emissions from the trucks and ships that transport your food thousands of miles and sometimes days, weeks, or months before they reach your local stores; and to decrease the fuel expense that makes your food cost more as prices for fuels go up.

God’s Energy Aquaculture is an epiphany of energy efficiency and healthy nutrition!  In addition to all of the incredible benefits of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (“RAS“) that is expanding aquaculture around the world we generate electricity with 2 simple requirements; we want a lot of Height (Taller is much better!) and we need some water inside of our power plants.

Our ability to generate renewable energy on location for less money is a powerful blessing!  Simple technology that uses electricity to extract water out of the air enables us to use renewable energy to supply ALL of the water that is needed to go into your food; fresh fish and organic local grown herbs, fruits, and vegetables.  Thousand of miles trucking your food disappears so that you will get a much fresher and higher quality meal that tastes incredibly better than OLD food we eat now.  With food prices skyrocketing around the globe the MOST INCREDIBLE benefit of all for many people who can’t afford to pay more for the best quality God’s Energy Aquaculture can deliver the food for much less money than anyone else because it costs us so much less for the energy that goes into your Good Food.

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SPG – A Submerged Power Generator Makes Electricity

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G_logo_final_complete_210An SPG (Submerged Power Generator) is fully submerged underwater like a submarine. When you are inside an SPG you are not in water. The air inside an SPG is similar to being inside a boat cabin or walking on land. You have to understand this first before you can understand that the electricity an SPG makes is made exactly like a generator next to a dam.

Click the link below for a very small movie to view.

How Does a Submerged Power Generator -SPG- Work

How is an SPG different from a dam? One important difference is how the falling water spins the turbine to drive the generator and another difference is how the water flows.

An SPG puts water inside a container that is very large! The large container is engineered to have a shape like a torpedo that is fired from a submarine for 2 reasons;
1) The shape of a torpedo is engineered to move through water quickly and efficiently &
2) A torpedo is engineered to be loaded into an airlock (called a “torpedo tube”) that allows the torpedo to be safely ejected into the water without sinking the submarine.

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SPGCA-1, LLC California RPS “Pre-Certification”

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1st Official “Pre-Certification” of a Genergy, LLC Power Plant

The First Official Recognition from the State of California

2012 Pre-Certification

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Grossman Decision–“Genergy is hydropower”

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March 29, 2011, The Genergy, LLC Team consisting of Kurt Grossman, Inventor & CEO, Ron Gaiser, Consultant and Glenn Nuttal, Patent Attorney, attended a (CEC) hearing at the capital in Sacramento today to have the commissioner’s reconsider their application that was previously denied by staff clerks due to a mis-interpretation of the program guidelines.

“The presentation given at the hearing was well received”, stated Mr. Gaiser after spending the morning with Commissioner’s Boyd and Peterman. “I think they really understand what our technology is now and that it definitely complies with all the guidelines.” Mr. Grossman, the inventor, made the point well when he said, “the SPG is definitely an innovative hydroelectric device worthy of their approval and should be used by all the utility companies, not just in California but in the entire United States.”

With in a matter of only two weeks the California Energy Commission overturned the initial denial and paved the way for pre-certification of the “SPG” with the California Energy Commission.
(Click, Grossman Decision)

"The SPG (Submerged Power Generator) is definitely an innovative hydroelectric device worthy of their approval and should be used by all the utility companies, not just in California but in the entire United States.”