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Vertical Indoor Farming VIF – An Economic Engine

Vertical Indoor Farming “VIF” – An Economic Engine              

Vertical Indoor Farming is 21st Century High-Tech Farming that uses indoor facilities and special lighting to grow healthier plants much faster because the weather is not able to control the growing time.  (Vertical Farming or World Agriculture )

Land and water are saved by building UP instead of using more ground space and by putting a roof on top so water does not evaporate but recirculates over and over again. The only water that leaves the farm is in your Organic, fresh, juicy fruits and vegetables!

Pesticides are not necessary because pests are not allowed in with the plants.

Labor costs are higher but transportation costs are lower.

Instead of picking plants early so they can be loaded on ships and sent to distributors, who send them to markets, fruits and vegetables are picked and able to be purchased and eaten in the SAME DAY.

Distribution is local first. Food is eaten local first. Jobs are local first. Drivers drive a few miles instead of thousands to deliver food to markets and restaurants. Grow local. Work local. Benefit the economy — LOCAL.  (Agrilyst Report 2017)

Temporary Jobs – Building the facilities. Permanent Jobs – Growing, picking, and delivering plants.

Genergy Technology reduces the cost of facilities by aggregating space for our power plants with Vertical Indoor Farming and Aquaculture to reduce the expense and share infrastructure to our economic advantage.

When is YOUR community going to have a God’s Energy Facility?

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Energy Conservation Conservation of Energy


Genergy Technology is carefully engineered to maximize efficiency!
God’s Energy Technology is built on Newton’s Laws of Conservation of Energy!

The Proof of Concept that was built in Houston, TX performed as expected
based on the Mathematical Formulas calculated, modeled, & simulated
in conformity to all Fundamental Laws of Physics.

Saving energy or Conserving Energy is one of the most popular drivers of new technology! Conservation of Energy is a technical term for Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Physics.
Energy is divided into 2 basic categories; Potential & Kinetic or moving energy.

Now Genergy will be building an elegant
Small Demonstration Power Plant for selective customer viewing
in the 1st Quarter 2018.


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2016 World Premier Demonstration

20160204 Demo Right View 80 feet up seems high when you are looking down but it is very small compared to The Washington Monument, Eifel Tower, or The Burj Khalifa.

Did you know that when you drop something from 80 feet up it will hit the ground in 2.23 seconds?  Imagine dropping a 154 lb. ball filled with water from 80 feet up; Would that make a mess?  Leave a mark?  Cause an accident?

Imagine the 154 lb. balls dropping from 80 feet up every half second; 1, 2, 3, 4,…continuously…Can you see it?

How do we get those 154 lb. balls back up to the top to drop again?

Stay tuned…

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Houston Genergy, LLC, Barra Blue Associates

houston_skyline_dusk organic1full

Genergy, LLC has teamed with BBA (aka Barra Blue Associates) to build a 12-Floor High Rise Vertical Fish Farm.

BBA has won many awards internationally and in their home country Australia.  The “EPA Water wise Achievement 2004” is particularly important as we seek to limit the amount of water in and out of the facility.  The Fish Species Selection BBA recommends is supported by their numerous project success stories in different countries around the world.

In addition to the expertise in profitable healthy environmentally friendly fish farming BBA is led by a seasoned architect Geoff Orpin.  Mr. Orpin will work closely with local architects and construction companies to develop the project quickly, safely, and with the lowest possible cost.The USA is growing in both the quantity of fish being farmed using Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (“RAS”) and in the type of (species) fish they harvest.  Barramundi is one of the species that Barrablue has experience with.

In Massachusetts, another company, Australis has done a fantastic work promoting Barramundi.  Their marketing and sales has improved the US appetite for Asian Sea Bass as evidenced by the robust sales at 

Houston, TX is growing at a very high rate.  People in Houston are also growing in their appreciation for different types of seafood, protein, and organic healthy fruits and vegetables.  The assortment of “Farm To Table” fish and produce fits nicely into Houston’s push to stay “Lean AND Nice” (apart from their NFL Team).

The Houston Aquaculture Team is conducting market research in conjunction with local agencies, potential commercial customers, and fishery experts to determine the mix between Kale, Lettuce, Peppers, Kohlrabi, Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, and other fruits and vegetables as well as the percentage of Striped Sea Bass, Barramundi Asian Sea Bass, Tilapia, Trout, and Salmon Houstonians will prefer to purchase.

What is certain to all is that the “Whole World Is Watching To See When Genergy, LLC Renewable Energy Will Change Agriculture To Provide More Fresh Healthy Food”.

"The SPG (Submerged Power Generator) is definitely an innovative hydroelectric device worthy of their approval and should be used by all the utility companies, not just in California but in the entire United States.”