Pressure and Energy

It requires energy to compress air in order to equalize the pressure inside the hull.

When you use air as a pump or to run a tool, the air is Kinetic energy.

When you have air pressure inside of a tank, its Potential energy.

Genergy LLC uses air to pump water outside of an airlock so it leaves the hull.

Genergy LLC recovers the energy that was used and puts it back into the tank.

Because Genergy LLC is able to recover the Potential energy from the airlock, it only uses 30% of the energy, that it used when it first compressed the air.

This results in an energy savings of 70%.

From that 70% of the energy that we are able to save, 50% of that energy is turned into electricity.

This is how we are able to satisfy the laws of Thermodynamics.

In the mathematical model you can see that the power required to compress air lowers with a higher inlet pressure.

Click here to see the Required Power

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