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Can More Electricity Reduce Hunger?

Have you ever considered the amount of food you can grow inside using specialized
lights? What if you could farm upward as well as outward? Have you ever heard of
Indoor Farming or Vertical Farming? Do you know how efficient it is?

Lumigrow Applied Research   Vertical Farming  A New Forest City

With all of these great innovations LINGERING AROUND …do you ever think…
“Why aren’t these innovations becoming more popular around the world?”

One Answer Is; “Electricity is required & Electricity is too expensive.”

God’s Energy Technology uses vertical space to make inexpensive electricity.

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Land Is Valuable – Smaller Is Better

lessland_nei“God is not making anymore land.” is a phrase I have heard over and over from Investors and Environmentalists. The idea that the land we have is all we will have helps us to focus on keeping the land as clean, beautiful, and productive as possible.

The Nuclear Energy Institute, “NEI”, published an article comparing “Carbon Free Technologies”; Nuclear, Wind, & Solar to highlight the small amount of land required for 1,000 MW Nuclear power plants compared to wind and solar. How would a 1,000 MW Genergy Power Plant built on land compare?

Quite well!

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1st In The World – California Energy Commission Grants “Pre-Certification”

Genergy, LLC applied for “Pre-Certification” under the California Energy Commission (“CEC”), Renewable Program Standards (“RPS”).  The “Small Hydropower” classification is for hydroelectric dams that are 30 Megawatts or less power.  At first, the CEC was startled by the idea that a “dam” could be located offshore and confused how Genergy, LLC made electricity with “hydropower”.

After the initial application and appeal were denied the final process was a hearing in Sacramento, CA in front of 2 Commissioners on the California Energy Commission.  The CEC Staff and Attorneys and Genergy, LLC and a professional Hydroelectric Engineer offered up testimony to the Commissioners.

The Decision made by the Commissioners not only approved the Pre-Certification for the SPGCA-1, LLC but also states that future power plants will also qualify.

CEC, RPS Pre-Certification is a tremendous benefit for renewable energy!

"The SPG (Submerged Power Generator) is definitely an innovative hydroelectric device worthy of their approval and should be used by all the utility companies, not just in California but in the entire United States.”