Our Mission is to “Is to add 45 gigawatts of new renewable energy electric power plants before 2030 and lower the cost of electricity and water in the world.”

Our Vision is to have “1 out of every 5 light bulbs in the world lit by God’s Energy.”

Genergy, LLC develops utility scale renewable energy power plant projects with 20 year or more power purchase agreements to sell to utilities globally.  Our technology is baseload (operates 24/7/365 – NOT intermittent power) and has a lower cost per MWh than other energy generation technologies.

Gravity & Buoyancy are used to create hydroelectric power using water inside of spheres falling down and floating up.  The Thermodynamic Laws are satisfied by recovering 70% of the energy used to move the spheres from water to air and from air to water.  The 1st US Patent was granted March 17, 2015 and 6 other patents are pending.

“Genergy” is an abbreviation of two words; “God’s” and “Energy”.  We want this energy to bless the world by eliminating air and water pollution, providing people around the world millions of good jobs, and by lowering the global cost of living.