Houston Green Energy Hi Rise Power Plant

Houston, TX will be the site of the 1st Land Based Genergy technology power plant.

The 12-Story steel-construction Hi-Rise will look like most other Skyscrapers.

The difference will be that in the center of the building a 120′ tall column of water will have a tank on the top floor above and a tank on the bottom floor below.

Inside the column of water large floating balls that weigh 12,000 pounds out of the water will be generating electricity as they float upwards…and then they will make the trip¬†down to the bottom falling in an air silo as the falling balls generate more electricity.

The 10 MW power plant will appear to the neighbor businesses like any other building.

The power plant will serve the industrial park tenants up some inexpensive electricity at a good discount.

There won’t be any smoke or steam; there won’t be any fuel tankers or loads of coal; no hazardous materials placards; or warnings about flammable liquids.


This will be the newest God’s Energy model of hydroelectric generators!

Good bye Smog! Hello inexpensive Green Energy!

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