What US Patent 8,981,582 Means To The World

Patent 8,981,582 (God’s Energy) means an unlimited supply of clean renewable energy that is cost effective will begin to be manufactured and submerged offshore invisible to the human eye. Gigawatts of power will be delivered to cities along the coast of all the continents and to islands around the world. Air pollution created by large power plants will disappear. Power to desalinate offshore underwater without harming ecosystems or spewing CO2; without sucking in fish and plankton and without discharging brine; is here.

The process of obtaining a Patent in the United States of America is a very long journey. The Founding Fathers recognized that invention rights are important to stimulate creativity and protect inventors who come up with new ideas from wealthy and powerful interests who would either want to steal the invention or make sure it never became a product.

The Journey for US Patent 8,981,582 began in July 2009 with a Provisional US Patent. This simple Patent is very inexpensive to apply for and does not have the more rigorous requirements of a Full US Patent. The application simply stated the “Immersed Hydropower System” would work like a Dam (similar to Hoover, 3 Gorges, or Itaipu) without stopping a stream or river because it would be placed underwater in a lake or ocean.

The Full US Patent 8,981,582 is much more complex and was examined by USPTO Examiners. The Examination Process includes searching the global databases of patents including the USPTO Database to see if there are other similar types of inventions and to see if any of the Claims in the patent infringe (are the same as so that they may not be considered new or the property of the inventor applying for the new patent) on any other patents.

Another requirement before patents may be granted is that they meet 3 criteria;

  1. Novel (unique & new)
  2. Useful…(must produce beneficial results)
  3. Non obvious (experts must not agree it is common…inexplicable)

The “Non obvious” element was overcome after years when the “Mathematica” model and simulation were validated independently. Gravity & Buoyancy are the ultimate in “Obvious”! Combining gravity & buoyancy has been attempted many times and many failures have been used to commit fraud.

The “Useful” element was the MOST difficult to prove to the Examiners at the USPTO! A Patent will not be granted to an invention considered “NON Useful”. 1 type of device specifically restricted is a Perpetual Motion Machine. The “Submerged Power Generator” (SPG) appears to use only 1 source of energy and the “SPG” appears to violate the Laws of both “Conservation of Momentum” (Isaac Newton) and “Thermodynamics” (Carnot). It took several years of submitting detailed expert testimony and mathematical validation in order to explain how the SPG invention works in accordance with the Laws of Physics to generate electricity very much like other hydroelectric dams.

In the end, March 17, 2015 the United States Patent and Trade Office granted US Patent 8,981,582 and the invention is protected.

Patent 8,981,582 means Blessing to the World.

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