KurtGKurt Grossman, CEO

is the inventor of God’s Energy technology including Genergy, LLC renewable energy power plants and holds the patents and all pending patents. Mr. Grossman has led engineering teams for all aspects of the development project.

Since 1986 Mr. Kurt Grossman has been involved in finance. Mr. Grossman uses his knowledge and skills in mathematics, physics, modeling, simulation, biology, industrial design, computer networking, computer software and hardware, computer aided drafting, animation, and videoconferencing to analyze potential disruptive technology and to create unique intellectual property designs that will change our world and generate jobs.

In 2000 Mr. Grossman invested in a Technology Incubator to work with Venture Capital, Angel Investors, Small Companies, and Inventors to refine business plans, validate financial statements, introduce expert advisors, and educate interested parties to improve the return on investment for all stakeholders and to improve the communication during the investment process.

From 2003 until 2019 Mr. Grossman spent the majority of time running personal businesses and counseling new startups in the nonprofit and private sector.

Mr. Grossman has spoken at national and international conferences on healthcare, marine engineering, telecommunications, and health information technology.

Mr. Grossman is a knowledgeable contributor to many industry groups in engineering, education, architecture, manufacturing, materials, and infrastructure and leads many discussions with governments, academia, individual investors, and businesses about renewable energy, desalination, aquaculture, and vertical indoor farming.



BillMDr. Bill Manduca, Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL), VP Operations

is a Marine Engineer with a doctorate in Strategic Leadership that knows engineering but is also able to direct and coordinate teams of people, vendors, sub-contractors, and oversee project management so that we have an internal audit of our sub-contractors performance and can make sure they keep on budget for cost and time.



RobertSRobert Springfield, Ph.D., VP of Technology

is an engineer with a specialty in Materials Science but also capable with multi-physics modeling and simulation. He is our internal engineer
audit to make sure that all of the technical issues and projects are managed correctly.



JimQJim Quinlan, CFO

Mr. Quinlan has 25 years of solving problems and creating opportunities in a variety of industries for businesses around the world. He’s served in financial leadership for public investment funds, international development groups, entertainment ventures, and construction/development groups. Jim has a background in tax planning in the Big Four (Deloitte & Touche). He has practiced law in the implementation of ventures. He completed numerous IPOs and enabled integration during M&As. Jim has a BS in Accounting, Auburn University and a JD University of Georgia.


PeteCPeter Clayton, CPO & Marketing

Mr. Clayton is in charge of prayer and marketing. He has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years with a successful career in real estate marketing/finance as well as in sports education. Mr. Clayton has an Honors degree in Marketing from the University of Huddersfield in England (with a specialization in Engineering).



Suresh Kumar, Business Development Manager
suresh_190Mr. Suresh Kumar is in charge of Business Development and also brings in his Marketing expertise. He has been an entrepreneur for over 22 years with a successful career in creating business development opportunities in verticals of industries for businesses around the world.



Just In Time

Genergy, LLC management is responsible for overseeing multinational companies who will design, engineer, model, simulate, manufacture, install, and interconnect the large power plants.  The management team is responsible for selecting the best company candidates and also overseeing their role throughout the project management.

Our management philosophy is to enable and empower others to do what is necessary to complete a project on time and on budget.  All of the companies that we have “designed into” our products have revenues in excess of US$1B annually and operations in over 50 countries.

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