Genergy, LLC Mathematica Model & 3D Simulation

3dmathematicaGenergy, LLC technology developed technology that relies on Classical Physics.

Sir Isaac Newton wrote the Laws of Conservation of Energy over 400-years ago and these Laws provide Genergy, LLC with a way of calculating how much Potential Energy actually might become Kinetic Energy that we can use beneficially.

The WolframMathematica” software program is able to model complex algebraic calculations visually in an incredibly powerful way so that ordinary people like you and me can look at an animation moving based on over 40 different Calculus & Trigonometry formulas according to the Laws of Thermodynamics.  One mathematician said it “Looks like magic…” when we gave him the model to critique.

In 2011, our Naval Architect and Marine Engineer delivered mathematical formulas to Wolfram Consulting (the division of Wolfram, Inc. that provides expert consultants on a fee basis) to create a Mathematica 3D model and simulation.   After the Mathematica model performed well we hired a local university to validate their work and format the model and simulation for academic institutions.

A team of physicists, mathematicians, and software  experts (especially capable with Mathematica) validated the model.  Over a period of 2-years the team carefully investigated the mathematical formulas for errors; diagnosed and corrected the formatting of the model; asked probing questions about the purpose of the variables; and questioned the purpose of the model.

After the 2-years of collaborative applied research where the university researchers questioned, analyzed, and ultimately reformatted the model so that it could withstand the rigors of “Peer Review”.  The researchers once again validated the mathematical model and used our company as a Case Study in another research grant with the United States Department of Energy.


Genergy, LLC has used Mathematica to internally validate the physics and mathematics of our technology successfully.  We have delivered our model and simulation for academic validation successfully.  We intend to make Mathematica and other 3D Modeling & Simulation a standard practice for all future products and technologies we consider because we believe it is the Best Practice for the 21st Century.

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