Genergy, LLC was founded in 2011 by Mr. Kurt Grossman.

“G” “energy” is “God’s Energy” and “Gravity Energy.”  The patents have been written to expand the benefits of large dams, eliminate the environmental damage, and use the global supply chain with companies and products that have been in operation for decades.

Genergy, LLC is an integrator company.  Large multinational firms like ABB, Xylem, Ingersoll Rand, Bosch Rexroth, Hanson Precast, and Uponor have been called upon to make sure their products fit seamlessly into the product design for this new evolution of hydroelectric power.

Genergy, LLC is lean!  We use the intellectual property in our patents so that very large companies value partnering with us to sell THEIR PRODUCTS & SERVICES.

Genergy, LLC is only one company of many formed to commercialize intellectual property Mr. Grossman has invented.  Genergy, LLC is in the business of designing, building,
installing, and connecting large power plants to utilities globally.

We have come up with an acronym for the main benefits and attributes of Genergy, LLC technology.  The acronym is AIRPAC.

  • Affordable – Energy that will cost less than coal
  • Invisible – Submerged so that no one but a submarine can see it
  • Reliable – The Power Source is God’s energy – GRAVITY – it never stops
  • Powerful – Power plants can be submerged and power large cities
  • Available – Any place there is water; Any time; & All the time
  • Clean – no smog, pollution, emissions, and no ugly structures


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