1st In The World – California Energy Commission Grants “Pre-Certification”

Genergy, LLC applied for “Pre-Certification” under the California Energy Commission (“CEC”), Renewable Program Standards (“RPS”).  The “Small Hydropower” classification is for hydroelectric dams that are 30 Megawatts or less power.  At first, the CEC was startled by the idea that a “dam” could be located offshore and confused how Genergy, LLC made electricity with “hydropower”.

After the initial application and appeal were denied the final process was a hearing in Sacramento, CA in front of 2 Commissioners on the California Energy Commission.  The CEC Staff and Attorneys and Genergy, LLC and a professional Hydroelectric Engineer offered up testimony to the Commissioners.

The Decision made by the Commissioners not only approved the Pre-Certification for the SPGCA-1, LLC but also states that future power plants will also qualify.

CEC, RPS Pre-Certification is a tremendous benefit for renewable energy!

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