Too Competitive

Yesterday I played Squash with a friend. We played last week and I was very cautious so as not to injure myself (being over 60 now I try to pace myself). Yesterday I decided to Compete Harder: to hit a little harder; stretch a little farther; and move a little quicker.

Today I am nursing a minor lower back strain that hurts and impairs my movement.

Athletics and Business often intersect in strategy and principle. Do you think that you can “Compete Too Hard” in Business? If you were on a Sales Call and 1 of the Customer’s Team was acting inappropriate, divisive, and opposing you in every part of your presentation would you “Take Him Out”? Would you aim at discrediting and silencing him? Or would you be ok with Losing The Sale?

Business, war, and life have one disagreeable commonality that NO ONE LIKES TO SPEAK OF: Conflict! I love to speak of “Win – Win” but reality is most of the time; “Win – Lose”. Where do you draw YOUR line? What are you willing to sacrifice to “Keep Peace” and “Avoid Conflict”? Is avoiding conflict the “Best Policy”?

If you have not already noticed I will LET MY SECRET OUT; “I do NOT have the answers to most of these questions most of the time.” (I wish that I did!)

What I have decided is to try to err on the side of LOVE. I have also decided to be more confrontational when clear Truth is at stake. I will pray for wisdom from God. When the smoke clears and I have EITHER fought hard and BEAT my opponent or played more gentle and LOST I want to be at peace with myself and God and leave the future up to HIM.




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